ABC Communications Fibre Link Packages

All connections require a $100 connection fee to cover the installation expenses and a 1 year contract term.

Single Family Home (House/Townhome/Duplex)

Fibre Link Home 10

Monthly Cost:$54.95
Start Cost:$100.00

Our basic service that allows most household the ability to use the internet for surfing, some video streaming and typical applications.
Download Speed 10 Mbps
Upload Speed 2 Mbps
Included Data 150 GBs

Fibre Link Home 25

Monthly Cost:$74.95
Start Cost:$100.00

For users who want to do more with their connections. If you watch streaming videos most days of the week this is the package for you.
Download Speed 25 Mbps
Upload Speed 5 Mbps
Included Data 250 GBs

Fibre Link Home 50

Monthly Cost:$99.95
Start Cost:$100.00

For households that want to do more streaming, more gaming or home businesses.
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Upload Speed 10 Mbps
Included Data 500 GBs

Fibre Link Home 100

Monthly Cost:$129.95
Start Cost:$100.00

For Households with Gamers that enjoy nightly viewing of Netflix or other streaming services
Download Speed 100 Mbps
Upload Speed 20 Mbps
Included Data 750 GBs

Fibre Link Home 250

Monthly Cost:$174.95
Start Cost:$100.00

The top speed offered on our network today. When you need the fastest speed for your entertainment or business needs.
Download Speed 250 Mbps
Upload Speed 50 Mbps
Included Data 1000 GBs

Commercial Building

Fibre Link Business 25

Monthly Cost:$84.95
Start Cost:$100.00

Fibre Link Business 25
25 Mbps download speed
5 Mbps upload speed
300 GBs data included

This will cover most small business needs for offices of less than 5 people. Plenty of speed and data for most common business functions.

Fibre Link Business 100

Monthly Cost:$149.95
Start Cost:$100.00

Fibre Link Business 100
100 Mbps download speed
20 Mbps upload speed
1000 GBs data included

A great package for medium sized offices or those who's business depends on large data. Great for running voice or other time sensitive applications.

Fibre Link Business 250

Monthly Cost:$224.95
Start Cost:$100.00

Fibre Link Business 250
250 Mbps download speed
50 Mbps upload speed
2000 GBs data included

Our best package available today. Great for hotels that want to provided customers with large data usage.